Another flying adventure and I’m stressed to hell x.x i missed my first flight and Watson was screeching a storm at the TSA

I just want this moving shit to be over

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i wanna paint me some bagginshield feelings but i already packed my tablet


the wonderful things about bagginshield or how I cope with BOTFA

  • thorin being awkward and shy the king under the mountain is not shy courting bilbo and bilbo just being like, “I know exactly what you’re doing, you great majestic lump”
  • bilbo brushing thorin’s hair in the morning [“I need to go to counsel!” “not with your hair looking like a rats’ nest!”]
  • SNUGGLING. BECAUSE LET’S ADMIT IT, THEY ARE SO PRECIOUS pun totally unintended SNUGGLING TOGETHER. [and thorin would totally be super cuddly and bilbo would be very smug about this and tease him relentlessly]
  • bilbo shutting nonstop!talking thorin up by kissing him
  • bilbo braiding flowers into thorin’s hair
  • thorin sitting on his throne with those flowers and grumbling but secretly liking it
  • EVERYONE giving thorin the shovel talk [“IF YOU HURT LITTLE BUNNY I WILL FIND YOU AND PUT YOUR HEAD ON A STICK AND MAKE A RUG OUR OF YOUR SKIN” “Master Oakenshield, despite your issues with my character, rest assured that I have slain dragons and fought on the barren fields of mordor and if you hurt Bilbo Baggins I will find you and I will hurt you" "I’ve shot down  dragon already, a dwarf-king will be no big deal" "Thorin Oakenshield, I am most obliged to say that exile will look like valinor if you dare harm Bilbo Baggins" ]
  • thorin serenading bilbo with his harp
  • bilbo helping thorin through his nightmares
  • bilbo sassing the living shit out of thorin in counsel [thorin we are not declaring war with the elves because thranduil looked at you funny you are 195 years old get over it] [if you keep up this ridiculousness your title will change to lunkhead under the mountain] and all the advisors and nobles being horrified
  • thorin growling at lobelia when bilbo goes back to the shire to get his stuff
  • bilbo cuffing thorin across the ears when Kili asks for permission to marry tauriel [“BUT SHE’S AN ELF!” ”Thorin Oakenshield, you will stop being a bigot right now or so help me fili’s coronation will be far sooner than planned”]
  • thorin being overly protective [“burglar, stay behind me” “for Yavana’s sake thorin it’s thranduil, for goodness sake AND MY NAME IS BILBO I’LL HAVE YOU REMEMBER THAT”]
  • bUT THE BEST is that THORIN GIVES BILBO COURAGE AND BILBO GIVES THORIN HOPE I mean Bilbo before the quest would never throw himself in front of a giant orc for anyone and thorin deep down knows that in all likelihood his quest will fail and this scares him but no bilbo crushes these fears because bilbo is Thorin’s BEACON OF HOPE IN THE DARKNESS 


I was on the toilet with that last ask I answered so I decided to actually sit and try to help the best way I can. Anon, I’m still in an art rut especially with anatomy and I’m totally not the best with it, but let me link all of you to some things I like to look at on my spare time.
I don’t have any anatomy art books, so I wouldn’t know who to recommend, but I DO have a lot of youtube videos I watch. Here’s some that might prove usefeul::

  How to Draw: Foreshortening with the Coil Technique
How to draw twisting forms

How I sketch Poses

Force Drawing with Mike Matessi part 1 « fav

Force Drawning with Mike Matessi part 2 « fav

Gesture drawing with Chris Warner

Analytical Figure Drawing with Michael Hampton « fav

Michael Hampton part 2 «fav

How to Draw Gesture with Proko « fav

how to draw structure in the body with Proko « fav

How to draw from reference with Will Terrell  « fav

My favorite books that I have on hand to practice gestures/anatomy with ARE MY HOLY BIBLES.
This one has a wide variety of body types and therefore is my fav…the chubs….>:3





The main idea to keep your gestures from looking stiff is to remember the line of action

ALSO SERIOUSLY JUST GOOGLE ANYTHING from man butts to back to arms to head angles if you cannot sit in a figure drawing class like me. Here’s a short gif of my process to sketching a quick figure


I’M STILL LEARNING MYSELF and it’s fun to practice with friends!! I also enjoy playing around with styles, majorly disney artists such as glen keane
Edit: Pixelovely is a good gesture drawing site

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i might have asked this question before, but if I put up pre-ordering for my sketch books, would anyone want one?

digging and cleaning i found these old sketches of a D&D character I accidentally made Shezza





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omg i found my commission list from last year’s fandomonium jfc

i dont remember if i sent these out— if y’all paid me for something and didnt get it, note me immediately thank you ;a;

EDIT: I hate how posting from my phone deletes a majority of the text. ANYHOW:

I don’t quite remember what her name was or what she looked like, and I just found this again after doing some cleaning. Im getting ready to go, so:

Hey! I still have this sketch commissioned by a sweetie from anime oasis boise? If you remember me, I’m Effie! I still have your sketch! Please message me? I have no other way to contact you, and I’m moving ;a;