» Liquid Apple Pie


This is a hot drink I concocted for a cold, rainy spring day.


  • 4 Packets of spiced apple cider
  • Cinnamon
  • Sugar
  • Caramel Cubes


  • Boil four cups of water (1 cup per packet) and add your spiced apple cider
  • In a nonstick sauce pan melt down your caramel cubes (2 cubes per cup of boiling water)
  • Add in 5 teaspoons of sugar (you can add more if you don’t think it’s sweet enough)
  • While still hot, add your melted caramel and stir.
  • Add a dash or two of cinnamon.
  • Pour a bit in a mug, top with whipped cream.
  • Enjoy <3

there’s a working title and a plot now it’s pretty disgusting its like interactive fanfiction with my terrible dialogue

not sorry

having my temporary work space in the kitchen is either the best or worst idea

jsyk the links at the side of your page only need to have the /tagged/tag-here. if you put your url as well it comes up as url tumblr com/url tumblr com/tagged/tag-here and so doesnt work :)

thank i’ll fix it 

I coded two cutscenes last night do u kno how happy i am


UncreativeArt @ Redbubble and Society6

Prints, tote bags, t-shirts, phone cases and all that other neat stuff.

AnimeOasis soon approaches and I’m past due to be prepping to work artist alley there. All the money you spend at these shops help fund further product to be made for AO.

Furthermore, show up at AO wearing a t-shirt or sporting a tote bag, or with an item from any of these shops and get special discounts on prints and anything I happen to have at  the table.

Signal boosts are appreciated, y’all.

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my hand slipped

Sorry this is a little late, but your Mycroft rude pinup boy is FANTASTIC! They're all perfect

he’s my least favorite which is why he never made the cut for the t-shirts,  but im glad people like him nonetheless

thank friend

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I'm gonna need a DD for bofta, I'm going to cry so hard and need someone to bundle me up in a blanket and carry me out of the theater

im going to be crying too i hope bombur catches the boquet

[muffled sounds of die young by kesha in the distance] bofa what bofa

everyone got married


even azog